The Therapy Experience

I work with both individuals and couples when they need help in some aspect of their relationships. It can feel uncomfortable to come and talk about the most personal things in your life to a complete stranger. I will make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout this process.


Do you feel overwhelmed by issues in your relationship that continue to make you feel stuck? Do you continually get swept up in day to day life and don’t take time to make your relationship a priority?

It is great that you are searching for support to break through those patterns so that you can communicate better, feel more understood, and enjoy being with each other.

Please see the Couples Therapy page for more information.

I also offer Couples Intensives on Saturdays which are equivalent to the first 5 sessions.


I help support and guide individuals who have been successful at many aspects of their life, but want to improve the way they handle stress with their partner, children, or at work. You may have tried other things, but realize that it’s time to dig deeper and explore yourself in a way that will enable you to achieve lasting change.

Check out the Individual Therapy page to learn more.

IMG_0574-XLIf you have any questions or are ready to change your life, don’t hesitate to call 603-852-3654 or email to talk about the possibilities. I would be more than happy to talk or email with you before you make an appointment to answer any questions you might have. My office is in Dover, NH.