Not Sure if Your Relationship Can Work?

I work with a lot of couples who haven’t been able to communicate for a long time. To be honest with you, not every relationship is salvageable and what you need right now is clarity about what to do next. Especially if there are children involved, you need a therapist who can help you navigate the situation in a way that will give you some relief.

I Might Not Be the Therapist for You

There are a lot of therapists out there who are kind and loving and will sit back and listen to you talk. I am not one of those therapists. I like to think I am kind and respectful, but I will be direct, blunt, and tell you exactly what I think as we are working together. I work very hard to be accepting and understanding of each person’s reality, but I will also not hold back on telling you what I think needs to change in your situation and how to do it.

You Need a Guide

When you do choose a relationship therapist, make sure that they have training specifically in couples therapy. There are a lot of therapists out there doing couples therapy who don’t have a framework for what a healthy relationship looks like. I have studied extensively with Terry Real of the Relational Life Institute and am a certified Relational Life Therapist. In my practice as a therapist, I work only with relationships. All of the trainings I go to are for understanding relationships. I even host a podcast called the Couples Therapist Couch that is for therapists about the practice of couples therapy.

Not Your Typical Experience

I work with couples in longer sessions because we make a lot more progress in a shorter amount of time. When we start working together, I recommend a full day intensive to begin. This consists of 3 hours in the morning, a lunch break, and then 2 hours after lunch. Most people traveling from out of town, will choose to work like this for 2 days to make the most of the trip. When I work with couples, the minimum time is 100 minutes for a session.

Get Started Now

I may not be the best fit for everyone, but I still want to help you and provide you with resources to improve your relationship. If you want to get started right now, I would recommend the audio program on Audible called Fierce Intimacy by Terry Real. I would also recommend the book, The New Rules of Marriage by Terry Real.

IMG_0574-XLIf you have any questions or are ready to change your life, don’t hesitate to call 603-852-3654 or email to talk about the possibilities. I would be more than happy to talk or email with you before you make an appointment to answer any questions you might have. My office is in Dover, NH.